Rename File fails


I am new to Solid, have been working on it for a couple of weeks, playing a little bit with the API.
I can to create, remove files and folders but I do not seem able build a rename a file or folder.

I´m using:

import auth from “solid-auth-client”;
const fc = new SolidFileClient(auth, { enableLogging: true });

export const rename = async (uriFrom,uriTo) => {
await fc.move(uriFrom,uriTo);

I have tried combinations of removeFile(), createFolde() but I always get the following error

SFCFetchError: SFCFetchError 403 - Make sure that the origin of your app is authorized for your pod
at assertResponseOk (http://localhost:3000/static/js/0.chunk.js:198969:17)

Is this a bug?

A 403 error indicates that the app (not the user) has not been given permission. Have you followed these instructions to make your app trusted? If you’ve done that, also made sure your app has logged in prior to trying to move and has permissions in both the from and to locations. Ask back if none of that fixes it.

I am able to create files, folders and delete them as well. shouldn´t this rule out a rights issue?
I think I have set up the rights correctly as well.

I notice that the error you show is on a .acl file. Those require Control access. I see that the app has Control access, does the user of the app also have Control access? If so, then yes, this may be a bug, please file an issue at and I’ll try to track it down as soon as I can.

Also, could you perhaps show me the contents of

This one I created

This is the

I have just realised gives me
manager.js:296 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘slice’ of undefined
at e.exports.outlinePredicateTD (manager.js:296)
at Object.generateRequest (userInput.js:1402)
at Object.addNewPredicateObject (userInput.js:96)
at HTMLImageElement. (defaultPane.js:66)

So it looks like it is a problem with the .acl file itself. If you can’t read or delete it, you may need to ask your pod provider to delete it.

I appear to have the same issue with a different provider.

What is the content of the .acl files? A typo could make them unreadable and lock you out of the resources they are associated with.

You were right. I have an issue with the acl rights. Thanks very much for the help. Very appreciate it.

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Hi @ch1ch0gz, are you sure you want to deal with your_file.meta.acl ?
Generally this does not exist, for each resource, ( file / container) there is one .meta and one .acl (and they are optional) not a .meta.acl file.
your_file.txt -> your file
your_file.txt.acl -> control acces
your_file.txt.meta -> can be used to provide meta data about your file, as the photographer for a photo, an article to refer… But it is not large used for what I’ve seen now.
Where is hosted your app ? If you are developing, on localhost, localhost:port_number must be added to trusted_appp

Could you try with poPock / Editor module to move/rename your file ( solid-file-client is used in it)!

  • Open poPock
  • connect with your webid
  • click on Editor
  • navigate to the folder where your file is with the green folder button
  • then use fork icon to move, rename your file, but this does not work with .meta or .acl files as they are linked to your_file.txt
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@Smag0, Thanks for your comment. We just found out we had broken some of the rights by mistake in our pods and had to go to the server to restore them. All good now. I will check out your app :slight_smile: as well!