Standalone application: API

Hi, first post, not really sure where to stick it so General Discussion seems like the best starting point, if anybody has a better suggestion, I’ll change it.

I cannot seem to find any raw documentation stating what the base over-the-wire protocol is. All the tools are seemingly JavaScript related, I don’t do JavaScript so where do I go to find the ‘RFC’ if you like that tells me how to ‘talk SOLID POD’. I could reverse engineer the code for the open-source server code but I’d much rather read the docs than code.


The reason for my post today is a story I’ve seen whereby Google have totally shutdown some guys account, and despite him being cleared of any wrong-doing, rather than admit they fouled up with their precious A.I., they won’t budge. That kind of arrogance and power cannot be tolerated.
His offence? Sending his doctor some pictures of his sons, how can I put it, ‘downstairs area’ as he had some inflammation and the doctor needed pictures, Google A.I. flagged that as child pornography. The world is truly (already?) going to hell in a hand basket.

You’d be looking for Solid Technical Reports

For which language(s) are you looking to work with Solid from?

Also, the scanning for potential CSAM, which is what the google AI was trying to do is something of a tricky legal area, as hosts do have some responsibility to ensure that they do not host illegal materials; though the way programs work for handling that are often not ideal.

You’d probably want to look at self-hosting a single user or family instance of CSS (community solid server), as to be responsible for the content on that server.

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The language is Mercury, been around since 1995, wish I’d learned it decades ago.
All I want to do is experiment against my own resources in the first instance, to give me the opportunity to sound it out, potential, and also to see what’s required to make it work with Mercury.

The above link works unlike the one you pasted to me :wink: It has a deliberate typo in it to see if I was awake enough to really care.

Thank you Miss Em, I shall start reading!

Oops! Misplaced fingers on a mobile keyboard :woman_facepalming:t2:

We’ve all been stitched up by predictive text and mobile keyboards. I am now creating an FFI wrapper between a fresh build of libcurl and Mercury, then I shall attempt authentication and fetching something simple from a resource… I have no idea what I am doing but somewhere in the back of my mind, I think that if I can produce --tools-- that make adoption of of this concept easier / simpler etc. then more people might have a look.

I have often dreamed of writing a tool then that people could use to migrate their Farcebook data across to and then close down the FB rubbish.

The concept of a decentralised person-to-person ‘social’ media system whereby people are on control of their content is pretty interesting.

Do you know of Xanadu from the legend that is Ted Nelson ? Given you are here I am guessing you probably already do.

Decades ago he did that, and a micro-payment system too… couple those concepts with those of blockchains and something very very interesting could happend.

Cheers again TIME!