Solid World June

Tune into Solid World tomorrow to hear more from the @inrupt team about their V2.0 release, plus an update from @RubenVerborgh about SolidLab in Flanders.

Register here: Solid World 2022 Tickets, Thu, Jun 9, 2022 at 10:00 AM | Eventbrite

Starting now! Here’s the direct link! Launch Meeting - Zoom

is there a recording of this event?

Yes, you can always find recordings of Solid World here: Solid Project

June session has just been added!

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Hi @InruptKelly I’ve just looked on the Vimeo Solid Project page, and I don’t yet see June’s Solid World on there. Have you had to take it down temporarily?

Hi @AngusMcAllister, check again. The video was there, but auto-sorted itself all the way to the bottom of the page. I modified the default sorting, so you should see it at the top now.

Got it. Thanks for the rapid response!

This month we heard updates from Oz Olivo (@oolivo). We also had presentations from Ruben Verborgh (@RubenVerborgh) on SolidLab at IMEC, and Aaron Coburn (@acoburn) on Inrupt’s 2.0 Release.

Please find below the links from each presentation.

Links from Solid World on June 09, 2022

General Info about Solid World

Ruben’s Presentation

Aaron’s Presentation

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