Solid World March

We’re excited to be back with Solid World on March 29th! The theme of this Solid World will be the 2023 Solid Community Roadmap. Join us to hear from organizers at SolidMcr and SolidLab Flanders, as well as an update on the Solid W3C Working Group and an Inrupt-sponsored Solid Hackathon.

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I find the time of the event confusing:

The time of event is given in CET timezone (UTC+1), but daylight saving time CEST (UTC+2) has been in effect since today. So it’s not clear to me whether the event starts at 16 UTC+1, or 16 UTC+2.

Can the organizers clarify?


The event starts at 16 UTC+2—so 4 p.m. CEST.

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Thanks to everyone who attended Solid World yesterday! We heard updates from Ruben Verborgh (@RubenVerborgh) on the Solid W3C Working Group and from Oz Olivo (@oolivo) on Inrupt’s v2.1 release and their Solid Hackathon. Esther de Loof from SolidLab Flanders invited the community to another hackathon in Ghent in August and shared the findings from SolidLab’s first annual SOLIDMonitor report. Melissa Wood from SolidMcr highlighted the findings from their November roundtable and shared the exciting news that SolidMcr is expanding into SolidUK.

Here is the recorded session: Solid World March 2023

Please find below the links from each presentation.

Links from Solid World on March 29, 2023

General Info about Solid World

SolidLab Flanders


  • Contact for more information on how to get involved.


  • Version 2.1 Release:
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