Solid Wikipedia Entry Proposed Edits

Hey everyone!

I finally got to something I planned to do a long time ago and it is - making some edits to the Wiki article for Solid. I have created a “before and after” version of the entry with edits and suggestions. Of course, to make this a living, informative and most importantly engaging text I need your help.
The doc is open for views and comments and we can collaborate on it here: Shared: Solid Wikipedia Entry Proposed Edits
Then I can, or maybe everyone of us, provided there’s no conflict of interests, can contribute to the wikipedia entry.
Please bear with me, as I don’t always have the capacity to answer right away, but I I am committed to getting this done :slight_smile:


I just couldn’t help but sharing what I got as a CAPTCHA when editing Solid’s wiki :))

! :slight_smile:

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While you’re at it - shouldn’t Solid be listed here as well?

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Great idea. It will be best if someone with knowledge about the techie side jumps in too.