Solid UI Tools / Resources

Hi all,

I recently learned about the Solid project and (along with some other posts on this forum) thought the user interface and experience of the data browser could use a bit of work. I created a Figma file containing all the UI elements of the current style guide so developers and designers can experiment with the overall design a little easier. It’s not too professional or anything but I tried to make it as organized as possible. If you’re not familiar with Figma, it’s basically a collaborative UI design tool with design, prototyping, and CSS generation tools.

To use the file, click the link and the “Duplicate” button in the top right and sign up for an account if needed (free basic version).

From my short time browsing the forum, it seems like most people are developers and Inrupt probably has a design team of their own, but I hope this resource might be a good step in attracting more work on the design side in the meantime.