I’ve made some changes to @timbl’s solid-recursive-copy. It supports copying an entire directory tree from one Pod location to another. I’d much appreciate user testing before I submit the patches. Please clone or download the PR and run the browserless and/or browser tests on varying data.

When it’s ready for prime time, I’ll include it in solid-file-client and solid-shell, etc.


Nice job.

I downloaded and made some tests in chrome browser :

  • using browser.html
  • and node-solid-server on 2 locations v4.3 or 4.4 don’t remember
  • case A : (read/write for all) to (read only for all)

    1. copy tree on no existing folder : Web error: 403 on PUT

    2. copy tree on existing void folder : ok
      2.1 redo (copy tree on existing folder full with same files) : Web error: 403 on PUT

    3. copy one file …/test to existing folder : load error …/test/ not found --> ok

  • case B : reverse
    4. reverse from 1. on existing folder full of same existing files : ok
    4.1 repeat : ok


  • it’s working
  • I am surprises that case 2. did work
  • I was never asked to connect (cleared local storage)


Issues are not available on solid-recursive-copy


Thanks for the testing. I have already begun work on recursive delete, a bit trickier but should be manageable. So in case 2 - is the void folder publicly writeable? Seems like deepCopy should refuse to copy files into a folder that doesn’t allow writing for the given user.


When you say “never asked to connect”, I assume you mean in the browser where that is the expected behavior if you are logged in to an active session… The browserless version should always prompt for credentials unless you’ve stored them in a config file as per the README.


It is the original /public folder
Owner has all rights and everybody read only
Folder has never been used before.

The tree origin is : /public/tiddlers
containing 1 folder /main and no files, with /main containing 6 files

I checked permissions and confirm everybody read only. May be a bug on v4.4