Solid Plume - simple blog app

As an aside, I have tasked my students with creating a blog app for Solid (around 20 groups of them, so 20 apps). Possibly good projects could some out of that.


And this just dropped in my lap in the SAFE forum. It’s actually intended as a way to evaluate frameworks, but instead of TodoMVC they have a Medium clone.

Still trying to get my head around it, but it could be an option for a Plume replacement, since it is a ‘real world’ app.

Problem solved!

It would be interesting to see how easy it would be to a Solid backend for RealWorld . A student project maybe :wink:

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What do you think of solid/blog-app chat channel to exchange between your students group and solid community ?
Same has been done with solid/chat-app.

Very interesting, especially:

See how the exact same clone (called Conduit) is built using any of our supported frontends and backends. Yes, you can mix and match them, because they all adhere to the same API spec :open_mouth::sunglasses:

because they work through a common API. With Solid, that API is LDP + data shapes.

Hard, because they impose an API:


Looks like I’m late to the party with this having just skimmed this thread but it looks nice and I just tried to install and have a play. I’ve got the files unzipped into public/blog/ but when I visit https:///public/blog I get a download of the index.html rather than it displaying in the browser. Any ideas why that might be?

This is my config:

    "owners": [
    "title": "Plume (theWebalyst)",
    "tagline": "Light as a feather",
    "picture": "img/logo.svg",
    "fadeText": true,
    "showSources": true,
    "cacheUnit": "days",
    "defaultPath": "public/posts",
    "postsURL": "https://<mypod>/public/posts/",
    "postsElement": ".posts",
    "loadInBg": true

This sounds like a problem with the server, possibly a bug introduced by one of the server upgrades. Can you find out which Solid server and version is running and open an issue for it?

I don’t think it can be a problem with plume.

Am I correct in thinking you are not using to host your pod? As you can see that server should work:

Thanks for your reply. Actually I did try it on solid community. Maybe I made a mistake somewhere. I’ll poke around and see if I can figure it out.

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In that case the only thing I can think of is that the file isn’t index.html (all lower case) but I expect you would have noticed that!

I’m not sure what else could cause this behaviour. Might still be worth raising an issue as it is the server side which is deciding to serve the file as text rather than HTML. I don’t know why it would do that though.

Did you use solid-filemanager?
Is it the same as

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aha yeah, that sounds like it could be what’s happening

I’ve written an example copy app which can be used to install plume easily. It is based on the new solid-file-client which will hopefully be released soon, so it will likely be integrated in solid-filemanager in the future.


Open Solid Copy (currently available here. In the future likely on the solid-file-client website)
Copy from
Wait until it is finished…

Then you need to edit and rename config-example.txt. For instance with solid-filemanager:

  • Open
  • Login and open the plume directory
  • Right-click and edit config-example.txt (change the webId to yours and the title)
  • Right-click and rename config-example.txt to config.txt

Now plume should be installed on your pod and you can open plume in your browser (/public/plume/ without index.html at the end).

@happybeing If you want to be sure, that Solid Copy and the solid-plume-0.11 links are persistent, I’d suggest you to copy them to your pod. It could happen that they get deleted while I test stuff, or when I need more storage space…


That’s cool @A_A thanks, I’ll do that :smile:

I really like that!

@A_A install worked for me :muscle::+1:
But l’ve @happybeing, I’ve got an issue creating my first post :
I can type a word, then I want to type a space, and this appear and disappear, like if there was a .trim() function that cut the last space, and every time I type a space, the first word is concatenated to himself.
I type another space and the word is concatenated another time, until 6 times . See below

That’s very weird and I’ve not heard of it before. Can you file an issue and include info on browser and OS etc.

Also be great if you can you try after restarting the browser and in another browser to help gather info. Thanks for reporting!

I think this issue is very similar
the problem is with the SimpleMDE editor --> pb with android with 3 different browser & 2 differents keyboards

known issue with simpleMDE✓&q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+android but not fixed, it seems that the better solution is to migrate to easyMDE✓&q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+android

tested on this page looks good for me

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Bad type for some “Plume” folders !
Installing Plume as preconised gave some of us some issue, like, for me, extract with @A_A’s filemanager gave me didn’t work well.

I think this is beaause the format of the folder "css " & “img” are wrong.
Make some test with @jeffz solid-file-client, here is what give me

as you can see in the console for files[1] & files[3]” has type “text/css”
& “” has type “application/octet-stream”
and are considered as “files”

comparing to folders[0] “” that has type “folder”

don’t you think “/css” & “/img” must be of type “folder” ?
here is the test page :

same with "“” which has type “application/x-chat” and not folder

Any errors will be due to either the program used to upload or the server used at that time, so the best way to test this is to start from scratch with the files from the repo.

I don’t have time myself, so if you want to look further that would be great, or if you can’t please file an issue with what you’ve discovered.

I could post an issue, but perharps the issue is not with Plume but instead with NSS :

I think the faulting part is "
a cs:Resource,"

Does Plume install do that voluntary or Is it automatically put by the server?
Because the folder name is “css” and ends with “css”, so the server thinks it is a “css” file that name ends with “css”, that could explain why the folder “img” is of type “application/octet-stream” and “app” is not a file extension, so it is considered as a folder

@prefix cs: <>.
    a cs:Resource, ldp:BasicContainer, ldp:Container, ldp:Resource;
    terms:modified "2019-11-26T09:27:05Z"^^XML:dateTime;
    st:mtime 1574760425.555;
    st:size 4096.

Plume doesn’t have an installer, so I think the issue is with how the files were created (on the server), hence the tool used to upload or the server. So what this needs is a bit of investigation using a specified version of say Solid Filemanager to upload to a specified version of a Solid server. The issue can then be investigated on either (assuming it remains).