A journey in the Solid Galaxy | Un petit voyage dans la Galaxie Solid

EN : Not sure of my english translation, let me know if something is wrong : https://spoggy.solid.community/public/plume/?post=https%3A%2F%2Fspoggy.solid.community%2Fpublic%2Fplume%2F1579364445870-solid-galaxy.ttl

FR : en français : https://spoggy.solid.community/public/plume/?post=https%3A%2F%2Fspoggy.solid.community%2Fpublic%2Fplume%2F1579364517713-la-galaxie-solid.ttl

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I wanted to see how do you edit, store and TTLize the blog, but no way …

Yeah I don’t why it is considered as a chat by the browser. But you can click on the second icon to see the ttl

Ok, I got it.
So next question: Is it a “good practice” to store data in a turtle file or is it a kind of twist of RDF principles that are based on subject/predicate/object, object being a string litteral qualifier but not a full text?
Is there limitations? For instance if I want to store images in the text as Base64 in place of links?

Error seems to come from the Long-chat in the browser as the post has sioc:content & dct:created but no wf:message line 222

I’ve used Plume that is a blog tool adapted by @happybeing to use Solid as a background.
Sure that it is not so atomic as a triplet, but it allows to post txt and meta data associated to that txt. It could also be splitted in paragraphs or sentences, or NLP decomposition of words to get more atomic…
Saving base64 could be possible as that is txt. The only limitation I know is the 25Mo storage of a Pod. So I don’t know what take more space a base64 or a jpg/png? Don’t know if there are other aspects to take care.