Solid-ide (solside) is now on github


@happybeing I thought you had stated yesterday somewhere that the save edits button was not functioning but, I would have to go back through and re-read everything over again, anyway, I was wondering if the editdisabled would cause that in the solid-ide/index.html file?
<button id=“editDisabled”>save edits</button>
<button v-on:click=“fileDisplay.togglePanes()”>


I believe it tracks whether you are logged in or not, via this check:


I think the key question is are you logged in and is the auth from the login being used to do the fetches. If one or both of those is false, nothing in the rest of the code will help you edit files.


@jeffz If the issue as you stated is with regards to NSS not returning turtle, can you create a path for Solid IDE to work with NSS that way? And is this issue just related to the index.html pages?


As far as I know, the issue only impacts the root index.html, not all index.html files, No, I will not be altering Solid IDE to work with a temporarily broken NSS, I will wait until NSS fixes it. As we’ve already discussed, there are multiple other ways you can edit your root index.html. I suggest you try one of them or wait until the NSS devs have time to fix this issue on top of the dozens of other issues they need to deal with.


Seems reasonable to wait on NSS for a bit. As you stated there are other ways of editing the root index.html file. And I am sure there are other more important issues to deal with at the moment.