Solid-ide (solside) is now on github

:slight_smile: I pasted the pesky :slight_smile: code here - through Solid-ide. So far so good. It is in the public folder. Was easier that doing it only thruogh Solid’s true but so raw :slight_smile: interface. Now I will be uploading folders. Can I do that through Solid-ide? I guess yes, (ref. * create new file or folder : click on the current folder’s icon)
START of a LOG and public diary of my experience :slight_smile:
Ok. I can do that:

Now I will create, within this folder, a css file, actually create a file and then paste the code from my file (I can’t find a way to directly upload a file…)

I will continue later :slight_smile: And I hope this works. But then maybe I will need to interlink a new all the internal links :frowning: That sounds a lot of staring at the black screen :slight_smile: Thanks again for your help!

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No, sorry, there is no upload file or upload folder yet, very soon I hope. Looks good so far. Once you create your /public/Anothertest/images/ and /public/Anothertest/css/ folders and put the files in them, your links should work fine as is.

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Thanks so much! I will ping you when this is done to show what happened :slight_smile: Gratitude again for bearing with me. And for creating this app, too.

After creating you folder, go back to public folder level higher.

The filesystem under public folder appears in the list on the right in the usual folder pane UI with the green +. You can select your folder and add files on the green +.

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I can’t seem to add files, like uploading. But I will try again. Soon. Happy holidays, if I haven’t said that to you :slight_smile:

@adventure Mike, I suggest we continue discussion of Solid-ide here so as not to confuse the Spoggy topic.

I don’t yet have the ‘save edits’ button working - it is greyed out all the time. Is that what you are seeing too, or is it just with the home page. I’ll be looking to why it isn’t enabled soon.


Yes, its grayed out for me too, however, like I said, I am working on a forked copy of it, and as soon as @jeffz does his update to his master, I will update as well.

I accessed Solid IDE from Jeffs solid pod but then realized, I wanted other things like access to docs and links to other resources so, that is what I am in the process of doing.

I find that if I immediately go to options and click on “go home” the green edit button comes back on. If you discover other things about it not working, please let me know.

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Jeff, are we unable to edit the home pages? When I signed in, normally to edit a home page of a pod I would put in the box and the index page html could be edited, has something changed?

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Something must have changed with NSS 5.x. I’m afraid I won’t be able to get back to Solid-IDE for a while, but I’ll check it when I can. When you notice things like this, please raise an issue on github so I can follow up.

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So that means NSS Broke it! Hope they will fix it!

Er, maybe. I haven’t fully investigated. Could well be something in my code that was erroneously targeted at the way NSS 4.x worked and should have been more general. Thanks for submitting an issue.

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So are you saying that I never should have been able to edit my home pages with Solid IDE? Not sure I understand the use of the word erroneously targeted, sounds like your saying that you added this feature by mistake.

Given the current state of the specifications and servers, an app code developer is faced with trying to write code that matches a not-totally-fleshed out specification or writing to work with the current server. I always try to write to the spec and include the server specifics when I can. So all I am saying is that it may be that the new NSS has something broken with how it handles index.html in the root folder, or my code may not have been written to include all possibilities. The feature itself was not a mistake, the way I implemented may have been. I won’t know until I look further and I can’t look further right now because I am in the middle of a massive re-write of solid-file-client which will eventually bubble up to good things for Solid IDE.

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Great, thanks for the reply, there is always ```
curl --cookie “connect.sid=” --upload-file index.html https:///index.html

Or, ```
curl –cookie “connect.sid=<insert cookie value>” https:<your pod>.net/ -F data=”@/<your/file/index.html>”

Yes, or

let fc = require('solid-file-client')
await fc.login()
fc.updateFile( URL, content, "text-turtle")

or (assuming solid-shell is installed)

sol upload targetURL sourceFile
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Great! Now I have to learn Solid-Shell also. Always on the cutting edge.

That doesn’t work for me (I’m not using NSS by the way), but I may not understand - I don’t have an ‘edit button’, green or otherwise. I have ‘save edits’ (always greyed out) next to view.

I’m looking at the code which I think controls this but it is still mysterious to me:

Yes, sorry, I am talking about the “save-edits” button. The code above says "if you are logged in and if you have Write permission for the resource you are examining, make the “save edits” button green and active, i.e. allow the resource to be edited and saved back to the server. So you have to first login (using Solid IDE options, not using the databrowser). Then go to a resource you have permission to edit and that button should be green. The problem @adventure is reporting is unrelated to that, it has to do with not being able to access the index.html of the root folder and AFAIK is unrelated to other resources. But I’d like to get to the bottom of your issue Mark, so keep hammering me with questions.

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Thanks Jeff, I think I can feel a mini-hack coming on! :wink: