Solid Developers

I think currently we have three different sections of work to be done (that all branch off into various use cases) with Solid at the moment:

  • Solid specification

  • Solid server

  • Solid applications

In my opinion, these are currently the most important things to get properly implemented. I’m seeing discussions on potential use cases, potential functionalities, company investments into Solid, etc. But Solid is still not completely stable for developers let alone user adoption (especially new, scrappy developers like myself).

For the devs out in this forum, I’d like to make this post an opportunity to get to know each other so we can communicate and collaborate on learning the codebase and tackling some of the issues in Github together.


Hi, I’d like to create PKM tool in SoLiD, I will use SlateJS in frontend. To store personal knowledge in RDF, I need to learn what ontology I can use. I think finding and learning ontology is a big part in SoLiD app development.

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I’m watching
closely which is supposed to fix some things. When released/committed I as an external/applying developer plan to test rigorously and see.

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That’s extremely useful to know, actually! I hadn’t realized that organization pages can also utilize projects.

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I’m planning to create an ontology search index, where you can search for fields/properties/classes or event ontologies themselves you’re planning on using in your app and, in a later version, explore visually. A prototype is currently online at, allthough there are much more complete solutions already out there (for example