So if I'm building an app

So I want to understand the general process of interacting with SOLID data. So let me explain it to see if I can get this right.

I’m I’m building a messaging app, and Person 1 writes a message to Person 2. One, my app would need to have access to both pods. Two, write the message to both pods. So if I wanted to visualize what the interaction would be?

There has been a project, which made a decentralized chat in a (university?) course. They provided some useful information and graphics in their documentation:
I guess that the 3. and 6. chapter are of particular interest for you.


There’s a nice tutorial for building your first Solid app on the just released Solid website:

And a section on Linked Data Notifications which I think it’s a good way to build a messaging app (but I’ve not used them myself):

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Wow, the docs @ are first class,