Setup Email service in NSS 5.2.4 on root machine (via config.json + nodemailer + ?)

How can I setup and configure the Email service in NSS ? (for emailtemplates in /var/www/sitename/config/templates/emails/)

These are the steps I took so far:

then I tried to test (click forgot passwd) ,… said no email service set up.

I guess somewhere in NSS I must at least set the password of the gmail account …? how do I unlock gmail account completely and configure NSS ? (should be done with nodemailer)

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For Gmail your config.json should include :

  "useEmail": true,
  "emailHost": "",
  "emailPort": "465",
  "emailAuthUser": "",
  "emailAuthPass": "gmailPass"

Apparently the information has disappeared from the README



super, muchas gracias, thanx, got it running after unlocking…

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Did you get email working?

yeah, just additionally had to unlock the google account… works now, at least from local self test, for a remote user is technically a bit different as self test, but should work, I think…


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further, I added to documentation