Server Versus Client Centric Approaches

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@happybeing I’ve forked our previous exchange here.

I see your points very well and I like also the philosophy behind SAFE and the whole decentralized Web movement. I mean the more consequent, no compromises approach compared to Solid. But I was thinking in the Solid context, where apps should work with any provider the user decides to use.

Secondly and more important for me, is the question if only client-side apps is a viable solution in general with the current technologies we have. I’m thinking about complex logic, which requires for example efficient search or heavy algorithmic workloads. Those are for me still opened questions, maybe for some applications we’ll still must rely on servers and by the way not only Solid servers.


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I agree this is a big unkown. Given the issues I touched on about servers, rather than accept them because we don’t yet know how to do this, some will try to find ways to do more on serverless, more secure (less trust dependent) systems like SAFE. It is certainly a challenge, but I am optimistic given the achievement so far.

In the interim many will take the server side approach: they won’t have any choice! I want to help make that a choice.