Distributed Solid (based on IPFS, SAFE Network, etc.)

From the previous discussion on GitHub, it seems that Solid in its current form does not provide data redundancy/duplication, thus a Solid pod can be a single point of failure. However, it could be based on top of some distributed network, such as IPFS, Freenet, Zeronet or SAFE Network, which would make it more resilient to censors and attackers.
What is your opinion about making Solid not only decentralized, but also distributed?
In fact, there is already some effort to put Solid on top of SAFE Network. Is there any official incentive to base it on top of e.g. IPFS?


This is definitely part where Solid needs improvement and with truly distributed network will be much more safe and famous.

Would like known if also other projects contacted already Solid or only Maidsafe team did some steps.


One more voice for SOLID and SAFE :slight_smile:


I do like IPFS and they are fantastic at marketing their product but Maidsafe has really stepped up their game in that arena recently. I only mention this as it’s important for exposure and adoption of SoLiD (and SAFE). On the other hand SAFE has the security, privacy, and ease of storage that IPFS simply does not. As well as actively in alignment with SoLiD goals and ideals (not sure about IPFS there). I personally think that’s where there should be some focus and I’m not just saying that because I’m building an app on SAFE. I’m building an app on SAFE because of the same benefits I point out for SoLiD and SoLiD’s goal is the missing peice for a new internet. A fresh start where ALL of the data can be linked from square one. That’s huge imo.


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I’m interested to know if someone has already tried to make a distributed pod with IPFS