Recruiting consultant for SOLID app development


I’m working on a project to store project files for hardware projects (including project metadata, as well as design and documentation files) in a SOLID Pod. I’m new to SOLID development so would like to hire someone with experience in developing SOLID apps on a consultancy basis to provide training / mentorship on SOLID app development, as well as potentially to contribute to the development.

I’m on a tight deadline so would like someone who can start as soon as possible. I’m flexible regarding the scope of work (e.g. whether it will be training / mentorship or more involved in the development effort) depending on your availability over the next couple of months.

If you’re interested please email me at so that we can arrange a time for a chat. Thanks.


Hi Max,

Hope you already found somebody to assist you in your project. When have not found sombody, contact us at and we are happy to look at it with you. We have already done Solid work at PDS Interop. Check out our projects on (ugly site, but should be readable).

Kind regards,

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