Realtime collaborative RDF List editing

Hi Folks

Since writing about the Data Æther last year I’ve been hurrying to take the next step and show some more concrete ideas supporting the wider adoption of RDF as a pervasive data abstraction.

One of the most important features of such an abstraction, in my view, is how well you can describe the semantics of your data structures. Following the lead of JSON-LD, I’ve wanted first-class support for Lists in m-ld for a while, so, time to put my money where my mouth is…

Truth and Just Lists: multi-collaborator editable Lists in m-ld’s JSON-LD interface

In the mix:

  • A notation for updating and querying JSON-LD Lists (independent of their realisation in RDF)
  • A List realisation in RDF that is conflict-free for concurrent edits (a CRDT)
  • Support in m-ld to implement the List type as an extension (showing how other data structure extensions might work)

I’m really happy (and relieved) to say, it’s working.

As usual, feedback, thoughts, and project ideas super-welcome!