Linked Data Objects: Typescript RDF Devtool

Hi all,

I just wanted to share my new JavaScript library: Linked Data Objects (LDO). Dealing with RDF was always frustrating for me. I just want to be able to read and modify RDF like it was JSON, and I’d like it to be strongly typed.

LDO takes ShEx schema and converts them into TypeScript Typings. You can then use those typings to parse RDF data and modify it as if it were a regular JSON object.

Check it out here:


I’ve had a quick look at this, and it looks very interesting indeed! Have you seen the graphql codegen tools at all?

We, Inrupt, also have an alpha product called Artifact Generator which can generate typescript & java types for vocabularies.

This looks super interesting.
I need to update my ShEx usage and take it on a spin! I bet development will be afterwards easy and fast. :star_struck:

@jaxoncreed i’ve tried with vuejs2 but encountered some error with vue-loader. Do you have a vuejs working example?