Conversion from JSON/CSV to RDF/JSON-LD

Hi, I’m just wondering if anyone knows of any good tools/packages to convert JSON/CSV files to RDF/JSON-LD.

I know that there are vocabularies that need to be defined to label the data, however, I was wondering if there are any tools/packages that help augment that process, eg. knowing that the data is labelled as “comments”, the tool/package would use as the predicate.

Thought this would be useful to allow developers to play around with RDF/JSON-LD without having to define every field they import.

So far, I have found RMLEditor |, which helps you out with the process of assigning vocabulary and creates a model of your data.

Feel free to drop any tools/websites/packages that help aid this process. Thanks!

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I think OTTR ( might be of interest to you.


Thanks @megoth! I’ll be sure to take a look. I like how there is a format just for tabular data

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