Want to work with RDF graphs in real-time?

After @gsvarovsky suggested I take a look at their work with m-ld JavaScript Engine I did just that - which has resulted in a new library entry to rdfjs.dev :slight_smile:

There’s also a new, tiny guide on the wondrous technology that is CRDT, but it’s more of a starting point for those interested to learn more.

I hope this new entry is helpful for devs looking for real-time collaboration tools, and I would love to hear feedback :slight_smile:


Great blog

I used this website to get an introduction to CRDTs, as the author actually walks you through a small one using plain old javascript. If you want to add it to the list of CRDT resources, I think it’d be a good one to include.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve added it to the list of resources on the CRDT guide :slight_smile:

I am proposing a Real-Time Solid session for Solid Symposium 2024 to be held in Belgium in May 2-3 next year. Would you @megoth or @gsvarovsky (or both) be interested in talking about m-ld at this session?

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@gsvarovsky would be better at talking about m-ld, so let’s hope he’s interested :slight_smile:

I might be interested to join as it sounds like an interesting topic. Do you have more info somewhere?

Publicly, not yet! Though, I could DM the proposal for the session (which will be deliberated on by the organizers, I believe tomorrow) if you can provide a way to reach you.


I’ve sent you a pm :slight_smile:

Also, you should talk to @NoelDeMartin if you haven’t already. He has worked on CRDT and RDF graphs, which was base for the thread Request for Comments: CRDTish approach to Solid

I absolutely intend to (in person). It was unfortunate I missed this week’s Solid-OS meeting!

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Yes, I would be interested in talking about m-ld at the Symposium, thanks for the heads-up! You can DM me or mail my first name at m-ld.io.

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@gsvarovsky See PM I have sent you!