Rdf + js = ❤

I’ve created a new website, https://rdfjs.vercel.app/, that shows how you can manage RDF graphs using JavaScript in various libraries. I’ve also written some guides to help you understand some of the concepts needed to use the libraries (such as RDF and Solid).

There are currently five libraries highlighted:

In addition I’ve also shown how to use a couple of SPARQL builders.

I hope this can be a useful resource for front-end developers who want to code Solid apps.

In the future I want to add more libraries to the list. Is there any you would like me to take a look at? Let me know :slight_smile:


Based on feedback I’ve also written a guide on JavaScript - in case you’re new to it or just feel a bit rusty :slight_smile: RDF + JS = ❤

Now the website has an even easier URL :slight_smile: https://rdfjs.dev/

Hi Arne, this looks great & useful!

The m-ld JavaScript engine is a component for sharing RDF graphs among multiple peers, including browser clients. Its like having a local graph that can be collaboratively edited. It has an RDF/JS API! (Example)

I have often wondered whether it would be useful purely as a local graph library, without the sharing stuff. In fact, the only change would be to make the connection to remote replicas fully optional… I’d love to know if that would be of interest (contact details here, to avoid a thread hijack!).

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