Question: Why Node.js?

I am a Ruby on Rails Developer - but thinking about switching to Node.js, so I can contribute to the success of Solid. The concept (PODs, use semanic web) is very appropiate for the situation of the current world wide web, and I think in the end it will succeed.
Does anybody know about the reasons behind the decision to use Node.js?
Ok - its fast enough for realtime interaction- and you can use javascript for server and client.
I suppose I have answered the question for myself to a certain degree.
But I really would appreciate if anybody would give me additional insights.
Nice day…

My understanding is that the idea and specifications are applicable in most major language/frameworks including RoR. However Js is more friendly to both frontend/backend in the initial stage. Just consider that rdflib and other relatively mature libs are in js, they can be utilized in both Angular/React and node backends.

I’m sure RoR ones will also got extended as more and more developers participate in.

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