Python in solid would be possible in the near future

Good evening everyone.
I think it would be nice to use python in Solid


Any particular reason why you think python would be a good fit?

I’m not aware of any libraries for Solid in particular, but there is RDFlib that allows you to work with RDF.

This is not a scientific answer, but I just like Python. After 30+ years working with C and is derivations, I was exposed to Python and it rapidly became my favorite language. Given a choice I’d rather use Python than JavaScript. Just a personal preference.


Sure, and personal preference is completely valid :slight_smile:

I’m off the impression that Python is experiencing good times nowadays with good frameworks such as Django, and especially many people interested wrt machine learning.

Would be good to have some tools that makes it easy to work with Solid. I don’t know of any tools, but I’ve asked a couple of the developers at Startin’blox for advice (, maybe they know more :slight_smile:


I think solid should absolutely consider Python. (I currently study linguistics at my local university in Greece. I’m going to follow computing linguistics as my masters and I am very excited to possibly work for solid in the near future) I recently started learning programming languages and I have to say, so far Python is my favourite. Fast and easy to use, I think a lot more people would be given the chance to create with Python, given the fact that it’s more simple than JavaScript. But that’s just my opinion as an amateur when it comes to software. You guys are the experts. :smile: So I agree with you 100% @Stitch626 with the favouritism

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