Photo album app

This is a small photo album app with which you can upload pictures to your solid pod. Atm it only works with ess, but am looking to integrate more identity provider logins soon. It works even better when you use it as a pwa :slight_smile:

Any feedback is welcome!
Here is the code :v:


Exciting! Unfortunately the GitHub repository appears to be private… I also can’t log in or register, and given the console errors I think it’s because uBlock Origin is blocking Fathom - you might want to ensure that it doesn’t break in that case :slight_smile:


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Just changed the visibility of the repo + the analytics related error :+1:
thx for reporting!

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Hi @ludwigschubi,

Great stuff, thanks for sharing!

I especially like how it’s built with ShEx shapes!
Can you tell us a bit about how you came to this process? How did you find the development experience?

PS Extra kudos if you also allow custom identity providers :partying_face:

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An example of multi provider login if needed

See it working at agent

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Well I started of building all triples manually with rdflib.js whenever I wanted to change some property in a users profile or their settings - which was always buggy and small mistakes like a trailing slash in a namespace declaration became my arch nemesis. ShEx shapes offer a single source of truth for our data although the generated code is still far from perfect. This project will be a test for the libraries we built and for ShEx in general (for us at least). Maybe we will make some more learnings but i think the same things we are doing now would have taken us 4-5x the amount of time if we would have handwritten all triples like we did before.
The typed interfaces are an additional benefit in the development and something I already know I don’t want to go back from again :slightly_smiling_face: All in all im optimistic that ShEx could lower the entry barrier to working with rdf and linked data