Penny is now translatable (and other news) - call for translators

I’ve been adding a couple of features recently to Penny, the developer tool for viewing and manually changing data in a Pod.

It now offers the ability to delete Containers and the Resources therein, allows collapsing Things (Alt+click to collapse them all), has preview of image/video/audio/text files, and gained lots of small quality of life improvements that I hope you’ll hardly notice individually but make for a smoother experience.

And I just added localisation support; you can try it out yourself by setting your preferred language in your browser to Dutch.

But of course, it would be great if more languages were supported to make inspecting Pod data more accessible around the world. If anyone would like to volunteer to contribute a language, let me know! An example can be found here (and the Dutch translation); to quickly learn what the translation format looks like see project Fluent.



Answered this call with strings for the Indonesian language

Terima Kasih,


Look at this beauty:

Thank you so much @FutureLearnSole!

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This is great, I actually have been thinking about translating my apps as well :).

One of the doubts I have is maintenance though. One thing is translating a bunch of text, which is tough but doable. However, what about updates and new features? And how do you control de quality of the translations if you don’t speak the language?

I suppose having out-of-sync or partial translations is better than having no translations at all, if we’re talking about accessibility which is the point. But I’m curious to see how it turns out :).

Now, as for contributing, I can help with two languages! Spanish and Catalan (I’m native in both). It’ll also be useful for me to go through the process as a translator, I’m sure I’ll learn a lot to apply it on my own apps.

I’ll give it a go one of these days, and I’ll ask you if I have any doubts!


That is a challenge indeed, that more open source projects run into. I translated software in the past, and though back then there was less of a continuous release process, it then relied on a “string freeze” some time before cutting a release and doing a call for translators to update their translations on a special translators mailing list. If translations aren’t available, it falls back to English - once that happens for Penny (probably soon), I’ll have to look at adding an option to switch languages manually, because partial translations might not be everyone’s favourite.

Either way, these are good things to learn how to deal with as a Solid community :slight_smile: