Penny - Solid developer tool


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License: AGPLv3
Author: Vincent Tunru (Twitter, Mastodon)

Penny is a tool for Solid developers to inspect and modify data in a Solid Pod.



Solid fellows, Vincent | author of Penny
_ would like to express how my Web knowledge of Solidproject has widen

Penny has a place amongst the many Solid POD inspectors, would like to caution that _ have to be versed in some Solid basics plus more
how about reading the Solid Technical Reports THE USERGUIDE

IF you are NOT a specs guy please see The me NOT a specs guy please see thread - Use Solid / Solid: The Basics - Solid Community Forum and post the not too soon of a flip up of pointing your /private/ storage URI to a dokieli data resource that is chilling in your /public/ storage you beautiful son-of-the Web. Well done!

build Solid with these tools, you twit