Travis Vachon presents SOLID Protocol and ItMe

Found this talk by Travis Vachon to be a good description of Solid, and think his work on itMe and Solid will interest many.


Cool @travis!

(Also, if you’re understandably afraid to manually edit Turtle in your Pod, be sure to check out Penny :slight_smile: .)


oh this is EXCELLENT @Vincent thanks!!

Vincent, this Penny app is great! Do you mind if we deploy it as the frontend for the community-solid-server deployment backing this app?

Thanks! Don’t want to hijack this topic, but of course not - it’s open source for a reason :slight_smile: . Ruben has even already been so kind as to set up the configuration needed to use it as the frontend: community-server-recipes/penny at main · solid/community-server-recipes · GitHub

If you want to further discuss Penny, see: New developer tool / app: Penny.


Yes!! What you’re describing is very similar to setting up a local HTTP proxy/cache in front of a Solid Pod, something you could do today! DNS gets in your way a little but I think there are ways around that.

One of my favorite things about Solid is that it rests on top of the flexibility of URIs so I expect we’ll be able to integrate ipfs(and other blockchain solution)-backed Pods, local Pods, local-network Pods attached to your router and public Pods on the open internet in one big open ecosystem with RDF as the intermediary.