Notepod, a note-taking app for Solid

Hi all,

I’ve built a relatively simple app called Notepod. It allows you to keep notes, which will be stored on your Solid Pod - that’s it.

The primary goal of building this was to provide example code for people to look at and play around with - so do take a look at the source code! You can even edit it in your browser and see your changes live using CodeSandbox.

Let me know if there are bugs, things that are unclear, or other comments.


PS. I’ll have some related things to share later, so keep an eye on the forum.


I just tried it - works nice! :wink:

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It’s ok for me too, as shown here

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In your cheetsheet,
( good overview on how to do things) , you could add @jeffz solid-file-client that helped me a lot to get folder & write folders

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Good to hear it works well for people.

Yeah I definitely want to add more to the cheatsheet, the bottleneck is time. Pull requests are welcome though :slight_smile:

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@Vincent does your notes data all go into a single file? if so, did you consider putting the data into date stamped containers like “long” chat to make it scale better?

@jucole Yes, everything goes into a single Document at this time. I have so far not considered splitting them up, as I’m not anticipating people saving so many notes as to become problematic. I’d be interested to hear when people do run into that, though!

A try of Notepod internationalization and duplicating note to Agora’s Pod ( everyone can write)

Good Job Vincent ! It looks pretty awesome! I love the design .
I have been using a XP-Pen Star G640 drawing tablet to take notes in Microsoft Onenote for the past year or two .