New to Solid - ready to learn!

I am new to Solid. Thank you for allowing me to use this forum. I have recently started using Linux. I am finding it really useful for my needs.

I run a non-profit charity and would like to create a server for live streaming and backups of our information. If possible to create a central platform for our members for email, file storage etc. I don’t know where to start - there is loads of information here!

Any pointers for Ubuntu - linux mint 19.3 platforms? Please remember I am new at this but willing and able to learn quickly.

Thank you.


Well I think there are many vision of Solid as there are of people as you can use it as a new space to play…
Here is how i see it

the aim of Solid is to decentralize the data, so you could first get a POD for your organization, and get one other for you as a user, and each user would get it’s own the same way.
That provide each one a “space to store its data” and share it . The difference with other sharing plateform is that data is “structured” in the Linkeddata way . Do you know Linkeddata ?

Then you have to think of apps, tools that will benefits your user & the organization, fit the needs. To do so you’ll need to need to think of what data you need , who provide it, to who is it shared… (access, read, write…)

Solid also provides some basic tools like inbox, Chat, meeting in this structured way to start with… Do be afraid with the data browser experience, it could looks a little bit ugly (only my perso opinion) but that’s a base to deal with Solid, and some are working on making it more friendly.

So Imagine first who provide data, and who access it.

For example here is one on my POD
and proto of apps based on those data


Thank you. Yes I have alot to learn.
Isn’t github owned by microsoft now?

I will look at the links you provided. Basically I would like control over mine and the organization information. Thats the primary aim. Second to support open source networks.

Thank you.

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