New features for drive app

There are some new features for

Updated design for profiles that now shows contacts

Improved Contact recommendations based on the contacts of contacts (won’t work if you don’t have contacts yet)

A better search that let’s you search for and browse resources or users (by username or webId) or the resources of other users

Managing access of resources (for now it’s only possible to add other users)

There are also some new loading indicators for the initial load, custom root storage url in /settings, syntax checking when editing .ttl files and a better error display among other smaller things.

The use of @inrupt/solid-client-authn-browser and the new contact spec used by the podbrowser will happen asap

Enjoy and you are welcome to leave some feedback/suggest future features. Also feel free to hmu if you are a pod provider and want to have a custom button on /login


Looks really good! Maybe change the button for Solid.Community to or to just Solid Community.


I took some time today to go through your Solid Dashboard Application. Very interesting layout, I really like it. One of the features I like is the ability to edit pod root index.html what a nice feature.

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