A databrowser/drive app with search, profiles, apps and contacts

Should also work in mobile browsers. Downloading Folders is currently only available for users of owntech.de through a /download endpoint.


You can send me an icon and the url of your idp if I should add your idp to the login page :+1:

Code is at https://github.com/0wntech/drive

Let me know if you find issues with interoperability. And any feedback is appreciated!


Nice! One more new and upcoming interesting Solid app :smiley:

Just one remark that with self-hosted Google fonts you’d be cookie/tracker-free (I block Google fonts cookies).


Wow, this looks great @ludwigschubi! I also like the trusted apps page on owntech.de.

Make sure to submit it to https://solidproject.org/use-solid/apps :slight_smile:

And this is all written using rdflib?

Edit: One small issue: it displays an .acl.lock folder every now and then, using your Pod provider.

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Wow, the app is looking awesome. But I am really having performance issue which makes it unusable. The app seems to load my whole pod wherever I navigate (over and over again). And I have quite some data there.

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I’m having trouble with the login screen. Clicking on the buttons did nothing, so I clicked around and eventually got to the login screen, though for the wrong host.

So I went back and tried again but stayed clicking solid.community and eventually it worked but again not immediately.

Using Firefox on Android tablet.

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Yep i thought that this might happen. This initial fetch is needed for the search and temporary, because i plan to make use of privateTypeIndex.ttl & publicTypeIndex.ttl in the future. This is quite complex however since i want to make sure the index files get updated whenever something is modified (I may make this server-side and add it to my nss fork).

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yeah mobile is not so stable yet, i assume your screen resolution is smaller than 768px?

Thank you! Yes it is all based on rdflib.js, but i built some libraries that abstract most of the current functionality (see https://github.com/0wntech), will update the documentation for those soon though.


Ah, that looks interesting too - you could submit that to this list: https://solidproject.org/for-developers/apps/tools

It’s a tablet with screen resolution 1280 x 800 Pixels.

The issue may be due to connectivity problems although other sites were loading fine at the time. I have though had problems with other Solid apps when other sites were fine also, so there may be something about the way some solid libs work that makes them particularly sensitive to mobile connectivity issues.

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Did you find that this still happens repeatedly or was it only that one time that this happened? Happy to troubleshoot this with you…

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