Moving files or folder in a pod with poPock

Sometimes, when using files or folders on a pod, you will need to move them from a folder to another.
It is not really native easy with the basic databrowser. Hereis how poPock can help you :
i wanted to host the @NoelDeMartin Hello World on a pod but i’ve put the common/main.js in the neurone folder instead of in the parent folder.
In case it happens to you some day and i’m sure it will if you play with a pod, here is how you can easily more files and folders with poPock PoPock


That’s really useful. I don’t suppose it will chase the references to the resource within the RDF contained by the pod and update them? I only ask because I recently thought of a use case where doing that would be important.

to complete migration perharps could you use poPock migration build for migrating from

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Amazing! Thanks so much.

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