Management of PODs of agents who do not yet have a POD

Suppose I have an application that displays data from organizations that are available in PODs. Every not logged in user should be able to add an organization. For example, by entering the WebId directly or by searching for a WebId.

A) Now it is possible that a user who is not logged in wants to add an organization “TheComp” that does not yet have a POD. This would mean that the application would have to create a POD for “TheComp” and enter the data provided by the user who is not logged on.

B) Assuming case A) had arrived. Then it is possible that the owner of “TheComp” wants to create a POD a few days later. And he notices that there is already a POD for “TheComp”. Then the owner of “TheComp” should be able to take over this “TheComp” POD.

Can you understand these use cases? Has anyone thought of something similar? Is it possible to register as an application for multiple PODs and manage them?

This problem arises particularly with applications that manage data that is maintained by the community. A good example is the
Anyone can enter and change data anonymously. All data is licensed as CC0 1.0.
However, it should be in the best interest of an organization to manage the authority over your master data such as address. It would also be nice if organizations had a way to manage events in their POD and different platforms would easily read and use / display them.

We currently have the situation that few companies know about SOLID and therefore don’t have a POD.
It would be nice if platforms could create and manage PODS for organizations as an interim solution and if organizations were given the opportunity to take over the PODs.
The same use case exists with Google Maps.

It wouldn’t be nice if applications had to manage different storage systems depending on whether an organization had a POD or not.
If a POD is available, use the pod of this organization, otherwise save the data in a database.

@timbl I would be very interested in your opinion, thanks

You do not need to create a whole pod for those orgs, you just need to craft an URI for the org, like and all data can be stored somewhere on As soon as TheComp has an own Pod and a WebID like https://thecomp.example/company#it, this could be linked to via a owl:sameAs relation.

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