Automated pod creation?

I am looking to create several hundred fake pods and profiles on a local server and add some fake data to them to do some testing for a use case (all the pods sharing one server or, each in an individual dockerized Solid server etc).

Obviously I have no intention to create the pods manually even once, let alone every time a different configuration will be tested. But haven’t come across of a way to do this programmatically the way containers or files can be created by the REST api.

Other than using selenium to create the pods from the browser is there another way to do it that feels less like … hillbilly engineering ?

There is a section in the part of the Solid spec showing best practices in client apps that has a section Creating New Accounts which has some instructions on creating new acccounts. Basically emulate the registration form and submit it. I haven’t tried it so I don’t know if it can work outside a browser but it looks like it might. Hope this helps

Thank you for the reply I hadn’t thought to look there for a possible solution.