Is it possible to create 100 Solid pods using a program?


I am trying to create 100 solid pods for my experiment. But instead of creating each pods manually, is there a way to create solid pods through programming? If so, can anyone guide me in the right direction?

Using selenium webdriver you can automate your browser


I do not advise registering solid pods in bulk on NSS because it would be a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy and Inrupt could delete the accounts. If you had registered the accounts prior to the TOU and AUP, that would be a different story but, to be sure, you should ask someone from Inrupt.

Thanks for the reply. I didnt intent to create in I have my own solid server and i am experimenting with it.


Maybe build your own local POD server, then the accounts come with a few changes like path, username. I didn’t try that but maybe we can run that with a bash.