Pods for Assets and objects?


I have read that the Pods can be linked to a person or an organization, but can it be linked to an asset. For example, my home?

I mean, there’s no real “link”. You create a Pod, and just say that it’s for you, or your work, or whatever. Might as well say that it’s for your home, just like how you could create a Facebook account for your home, or a website for your home, or a Last.fm account for your home.


Ok, thanks for your answer, Vincent. Could one assume that for instance, the norwegian state could issue it’s citizens a pod for their home. In the pod one could store drawings, 3dmodels, certifications etc And if the home gets sold, the state could change owner of the pod? There is enough flexibility in Solid for it to be molded in to this function?

Yes, definitely, the scenario you propose can be implemented in Solid and also the ability to store IoT information such as household electricity usage. I would imagine this kind of situation - the government has a pod that includes the information about the house it has a right to know (certifications,etc.) and you have a pod with the stuff the government doesn’t have a right to know (how often you open your refrigerator). You use an app to look at both pods and to submit required information to the government pod. When you sell, the new owner has access to the permanent information with nothing changing hands except the password to gain access to the government pod for the house. You might choose to share some of the data in your own pod with the new owner (repair records).


Excellent answer, Jeff! This is what I was hoping for. I am looking forward to persue this further. If we want to find a team to work with us, would you @jeffz and @Vincent or anyone else know who to contact?

“find a team to work with us” - who is “us”? :slight_smile:

I’m glad to pass the word. Some more details would be useful in recruiting developers. Perhaps you could write up a brief description of the project you have in mind, what resources you currently have, and what you’re looking for.

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Hi all,

Good question! Indeed, Pods can also be used to store data about objects. We are currently running a project in the utilities industry where the idea is, indeed, to store information about a home in a Pod so citizens (who own or live in that home) can securely share that information with 3rd parties who need access to that information.

Happy to share some insights in a call if you’d like!


Sorry for the late reply. I had to have a think. We are students at the NTNU universuity. We study BIM (Building Information Modeling) and during the lectures I got a strong vision that every private building should have a digital twin. A digital infrastructure. Usually people within the field think of large building complexes that are more applicable for the BIM-method, but I see a great value for private home owners as well.

A resent study showed that by upgrading private homes in Norway, these assets could save 41% energy. And making digital twins of the buildings can support this and much more. Through programs like Archicad you can quite easily draw accurat buildings and very easily do energy analysis. Every home owner would have complete list of all windows and doors, surfaces etc. They could also have tasks they recieve from the CDE/POD they can perform to increase the longevity of the building. Or they can hire someone to do it for them. And there is a lot of benefits for the goverment/municipalities when it comes to big data (we have a high trust in our government in Norway)

Together with the ISO 19650 that is under development, I thought that this could be a great foundation for a common data enviroiment. And since this CDE have to contain files that are interoperable, Solid seams like it would be a great fit.

It is mainly me working on this, but we have a project close to where I live where we are going to upgrade 10+ buildings. And here the group I am working with are thinking about applying BIM to the project. The idea here is that this could generate a lot of experience and a chance to experiment.

There is a lot of funding for these kind of projects here in Norway, so I think money is not a problem. But before we fund this, the idea has to have to be molded and disected with the right people, and I don´t code. So i don´t see the limitations. But that can also be a good thing.

I hope this explains it a little bit. I haven´t shared this idea inotside my native languege yet, but I have started to make documents also in english.

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Hi @Lauvdb! That is really interesting! I would love to hear more about your project. Can you give me two weeks. Like the 3. November? Like I wrote in the last post, I have to write some more documents and research some more, but as long as we keep it simple and discuss the broad strokes, I would love to pick your brain.

Since you are working with the utility industry, does that mean you are trying to connect objects like Power Meters in houses with Pods?

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