Data isolation and Linked data

Im facing a confusion. By design , Linked data is very well suitable fr creating relations and models, and is the best tool to create user data graphs and profiling. Whereas solid can be considered as a tool to ensure you own your own data. But won’t it kill the purpose of Linked data, if everyone starts to isolate their own data? Will it make more sense to use some other data modelling for solid pods to ensure isolated-non linked data is stored?

In your Pod, you host your data but nothing prevent you to link to others data on their own Pod therefore creating a graph of data.

The combination creates the capability (to link and share selectively) but doesn’t force people one way or the other.

People might be willing to create and store more information in their pods than they are comfortable just leaving wide open for anyone, so I don’t see this as incongruent with increasing the usefulness of data being created and shared.

For example, I would be more willing to collect health data from wearable devices and keep it on my pod for selective sharing with people I trust. Currently I’ll probably never use a wearable device connected to a mobile app or online service, and I always keep location tracking etc turned off unless I’m actively using it, because I don’t want anyone else collecting or accessing that data without my explicit consent.

Does that make sense?


But let me put it this way. For a normal non-tech say user, he doesn’t understand the difference between a POD storage or normal storage.
Also if one secure info is stored in the POD and the User is willing to link it with other data/Devices, end result will be same as using a conventional Data base /web service. Also, PODS won’t reside in local devices say a mobile or a wearable, but works similar to a server.

I agree that at first sight the user will likely see this as similar to cloud service/storage, especially since most users will rent their pods as a service. This is a weakness IMO too (pods as a service, reliance on servers etc).

But I think it will become apparent that there are differences with proprietary clouds and services, such as the ability to use arbitrary apps and devices with this storage, rather than be tied to the limited offerings of one service and provider. And in general to do more things with your data, and to limit what others are able to do with it.

I do agree that there are risks and limitations with the server/pods as a service model, which I hope we can address by implementing the Solid protocol on different backends, in my case using Safe Network which will operate without servers, without service providers.


It is important that for all the data I can access across the Data Spectrum from very private though shared to very public, I must be able to use apps which give me a unified view of that data. Interop - using the same data model of Linked Data, and using the same terms - classes and properties – is really important.

If you can’t use some data of mine, let be because I have decided you don’t get access to it, not because your app is incompatible.


What about private machines? Should I be able to access private machine data if it is not protected?

Ok. So the vision is basically to create a Unified data model, that can or cannot be accessed /shared.
I get that. But At the same time, coming to Solid, the main restriction we are facing is how to host it on a Private system like a blob storage, than like a server.
When im talking about user, im not considering an app builder or a software platform, but individual user like me or you.
From my understanding, what solid is capable of doing now is a easy migration from one place to another without changing the data schemes. But won’t it be the same as me migrating my SQL server from AWS to Azure or any other cloud service?