Collective PODS?

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In my understanding Solid is well thought for sharing and controlling PRIVAT/PERSONAL data. I am developing a collaborative web platform for decentralized organisations (DAOs or as we call them “DEIO” for Decentralized Ethical Impact Organizations) and I am asking me how are COLLECTIVE data managed/stored/adminitrated with solid.

  1. Does it exist collective pods belonging to an organisation, or a sub-group of this organisation?
  2. How to define hierarchical pod relationships? (I mean one collective child pod would have one collective parent pod)
  3. How are permissions and admin rights managed?

Thank you for your thoughts!


I’m not entirely sure, but it looks like trinPod does something related.
They have a hierarchical management of different pods, as organizations, groups, people, etc. They want to represent “digital twins” (of real-world entities, incl. organizational structures) .

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You might be interested in a blog post I wrote about using Solid for organizational pods - Modeling the Social Benefit of Organizations.


Your web platform could access to multiple PODs (if authorized). Your platform can save its data to a POD managed by multiple users.

You can check SOLID-OIDC for authentication and Web Access Control (WAC) for authorization.

This COD use case (Collective Online Dataspace as the Virtual Assembly calls it) does not need a particular form of POD but a particular platform implementation following the SOLID specification.

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Hi, what does Ethical Impact Organizations mean? Are you spreading memes to influence the society?

Hi @linonetwo , DEIOs are DAOs with specific governance, intentions and processes, here the singularities are explained here (only in french at the moment, sorry for that) PlaceLibre

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