Lost trusted app panel after server migration

Since the migration to the last version on solid.community, I encountered an issue on almost all of my Pods :
1 login
2 open ‘Preferences’
→ trusted app panel can not access my profile ??:scream::exploding_head: and really strange message

Wanting to see if I could access my profile, I go to ‘edit profile’ and change something like ‘Role’ input to see if I could change…

→ seem to be ok to change data → so the message is really really strange… I can access profile!:+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Coming back to preference to investigate more,
The trusted app panel is welcome back !

But all apps appear twice…
Ok I’ve found a workaround & could help other… But that’s a very strange behavior… Has anyone encountered the same issue ?

I can confirm the first point error: ‘your profile is not editable’
You can just reload and it’s OK.

I do not have double apps in trusted apps.

I already see it before but was enable to reproduce. So we have a solid-ui bug. Will you report I do not have screen copy and cannot reproduce again.

done https://github.com/solid/solid-ui/issues/326
today, I had to manually edit the /profile/card :sneezing_face: