Different forms pop up when trying to add a trusted Web App as a viewer

I am trying to update my solid account’s sharing settings to add a trusted Web App as a viewer. Sometimes I get a table where I can enter the Web App URL along with the level of access. However sometimes I don’t get the table:

Why do I get different formats as I would like it to be consistently the table.

I suppose you are using a local NSS solid server.

Trusted app triples are stored in the <yourPod>/profile/card resource.
To manage them you must be authenticated and you can

  • either manually edit the profile/card with the source-pane (with some risks)
  • or use the preferences table that you can access in the dashboard.

SolidOS has a userguide you can access from the top-left menu.

Is what you show what you want or what you don’t want? What does the thing that isn’t that look like? I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean by “the table format”.

I want that table (with columns = Application URL, Access modes, Actions) to appear whenever I click Web Apps under viewers to share with. However, when I created a new account I don’t see that table. I see this:

When I add my web app link it doesn’t remain there whenever I clickout of the Sharing tab.

I think you are mixing 2 different things :

  • manage trusted apps authorization at pod level. This is done with the prefences table.
  • and manage authorization at the ACL level this is done with the ACL pane. Where you have to manually enter the trusted app. There is no trusted app selector.

If you want to limit a trusted app via ACL, The trusted app in preferences should exist and have no authorization

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