LiberaChat freenode seperation

Please allow me to post this and articulate as best how with Solid this seperation would be more smoother perhaps?

Some background as to how _ came across of this news?
First from SourceHut is leaving Freenode article → Libera Chat’s Welcome to Libera Chat | Libera Chat

What do _ see Solid solving this seperation?
Deep down, it was for the possibility that both blog spaces to wish well for the other… rather than the need to ensure why the fragmented community picked the “right side”…

How technically could Solid solve for a smoother seperation?
You asking the wrong guy haahah, please see Me not the specs guy 2

Are the reasons above enough for you to use Solid?
Yes to all the above.


scraped into a Solid POD

Posted to LiberaChat freenode seperation

Solid is spec,

“Oops that page doesn’t exist or is private”

If its private then please keep it that way.

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fellow Solid guy @tag42git ,

praises to you for pointing out a dead hyperlink! from now on, must make the efforts to first draft my posts in a Solid POD and then post it here…

May my double work done manually move some folks to craft the next killer app! Amen…

Use Solid,