It seems to be possible to edit without being logged

Hi :wave: !
I’m new in the Solid community, so my question might not be a real misconfiguration. I was looking after reading some GitHub repos about the project and it seems to be possible to modify its contents without being authenticated first. Is this really intended (like a public space/sandbox) or it’s really a misconfiguration issue?
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Access is depending on the authorization given at folder/file level.
Access to non logged in user is an to everyone. public/ as Read by default but can be changed by a user having Control.

It is the responsibility of the pod owner (everyone having authority on acl Control for part of the pod) to manage these authorizations.

Thanks for the explanation @bourgeoa .
I asked this, because when I was reading one of the CCG meeting notes I found this link for the Solid roadmap -
Credentials Community Group . It’s open to edit (acl:Write maybe?) anonymously. I was not sure if this is the right intention or a misconfiguration. Anyway, just pointing this in order to avoid any issues with the roadmap page.