Initiatives from SoLiD Chinese Community | SoLiD 中文社区倡议


Today we had some discussion with Ivy @leinue and other active contributors / participants in SoLiD CN community (the WeChat group, where most of the discussion in Chinese community happens today) about what we may do to help grow the Chinese community, and encourage more contributors to help build the SoLiD technology, ecosystem and applications.

Personally, I feel there are some problems that could be improved or fixed.


  1. now we a group of around 400+ people but basically not many people have really practical and hands-on experience of building applications with SoLiD, or even didn’t know the basic concepts of SoLiD. Most of them join the group after reading the posts from media, and haven’t got chance to learn and build with SoLiD yet.
  2. the SoLiD Chinese community’s overall contribution to the SoLiD project is still not tangible and very limited at the moment. We’d like to see more contribution from Chinese developers into the core infrastructure and tooling, and help grow the ecosystem and application worldwide.


As some quick initiatives, I’d like to propose that we start with working on the below actions to drive the growth of the Chinese community, including:

  1. Build a work group (SoLiD CN Edu WG) that focus on improving and building the SoLiD courses that introduce to developers about how to build SoLiD apps in minutes to hours, etc.
  2. Ask more developers to share their open source, experimental or even commercial projects to each other, and ask for contribution from the community to work together in an open and collaborative approach.
  3. Connect the developers in China who are super interested to contribute to the core infrastructure and SDKs of SoLiD with the SoLiD core team. The developers would definitely play some key roles in long term in driving the development of SoLiD project.

Community is the key to the success of all the great open source projects. To build a great project, we must have a great community. We require the enthusiasm and efforts from the excellent contributors in the community to learn, build and grow together. I believe the above actions would be some small steps but would still be helpful, because they unite the community.

That’s basically some rough ideas I have, based on our discussion today in the WeChat group. Please feel free to comment or share your ideas or feedback, and let’s build and improve the community altogether.


Why don’t you invite them here we could help them to understand solid and build apps

Or this tuto could be a good start for beginning developing a solid app Portfolio : How to create a Vuejs Portfolio App on Solid

More here Portfolio : How to create a Vuejs Portfolio App on Solid + watermark

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That is awesome!

Just some random suggestions for projects from a random long time observer:

  • help SolidOS fulfill its potential

  • help connect Linux to Solid as a file system in user space and maybe even system space

  • help make a default data browser for the community solid server (CSS) in a beginner friendly language like Elixir/Phoenix or Smalltalk or a Linux friendly language like Python

Thanks. That’s pretty nice tutorial!!

yeah. I agree it would be better that developers could join the discussion of the SoLiD community / forum in an relatively interoperable way instead of living in the silos of different social media. So we could see the efforts of each other easily and provide feedback faster.

I guess (though I’m not sure) there are some language, cultural and habit barriers which makes it hard for some Chinese developer to get involved in the forum directly. But definitely we’d like to see more active community members to share their findings and works happily, and ask questions freely.

We’ll see how community grows gradually but definitely it would take some time I believe.

cool. these are all very interesting projects.

I’ll try to contribute personally at least :slight_smile: and hopefully more developer could see these projects and contribute their efforts.

another questions is, do you know where we can find the development roadmap of SoLiD project? which would definitely help more developers to learn about SoLiD and contribute to the ones they love.

There is a roadmap in rdf on a solid pod at

Also, on is a team meeting schedule and team chat. They also chat on solid/solidos - Gitter

There is work on Solid as a Linux Fuse filesystem in user space at

by Rai, who has talked about it at solid/chat - Gitter

Tom from Digita has posted about Digita’s pod browser written in Elixir at

Also Jasmine from Digita who is the author presented a demo of it at Solid World February, the video is here Solid World - February 2021 on Vimeo
It may not be open source, not sure.

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Thanks. These info are super helpful!!! :grinning:

We’ll delve into the details and join the discussion for any ideas / suggestions.

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