Solid Community Germany

We are building up a Community in Germany

Community Pod:

Gitter Chat:


Hi I installed the group app I am working on to at We can use this to start building a community using the Solid ecosystem.

To make a first experimental use of the group I created a long chat, that is only accessible to group members at

So, feel free to join the group and chat a bit on Solid itself, if you like

PS: The app I referred to:


The link isn’t working.

probably because the url should be

we got a 500.
but should be viewable.

[edit] FYI: fixed

Can we update the original post with the correct link and hide these our questions regarding the transition after Melvin’s breakup with Solid and the one about the 500? We could even turn this into a wiki post, so we can update the content from various inputs whenever time is given, without having to resort to another person to add our changes. I’d consider the Solid Community as trust-able enough not to expect vandalism here.

I’d like to see a conversation about community engagement here, and not one about technical difficulties which may send curious new users away, because they don’t scroll to the bottom and read and retrace all changes since the OP.


I congratulate @aveltens on taking community initiative. On the one hand it is great to see different languages / regions being addressed - a boon for diversity - but on the other hand I feel it may be early as well. In any case it will lead to a further fragmentation and Solid developments happening elsewhere that others aren’t aware of. The current English branch already needs all the help it can get. But I don’t know the German audience well enough. Maybe this will encourage a lot of new developers to Solid, who are held back by the language barrier. I hope you will continue to use this forum for async discussion and for the knowledge base that implicitly builds.

Note: I spoke with @Marrelleb the other day, who told me that there’ll be more community-oriented activities in the future, which is great. I regularly bring up Solid at SocialHub, and hoping for ActivityPub to tap deeper into its Linked Data potential. Scaling up cooperation is a goal, and Solid/AP are complementary technologies, and I encourage everyone to not be shy to post on SocialHub if you see any opportunity to promote Solid + AP :blush:

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I am not able to edit the initial post, probably because it is too long ago.

Perhaps @Marrelleb can exchange the link with

It could be worthwhile to replace links to superseded domain with in general in this forum


Hi everyone,

It’s updated!! :smiley: I should be able to thank you for the helping with this @aschrijver, @aveltens, and @yala!

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