Hello Solid application

Hi again,

While studying Solid for my master thesis, I saw that the developer experience could be improved.
Therefore I experimented more with Solid and created a Hello Solid application to help starting developers on their journey with Solid. The code repo can be forked and contains examples and comments of how to get data and how to authenticate. The application itself also contains useful information such as websites and more info on getting data.

The application can be found here:

I hope this is helpful and for now I’m trying to get this application on the solidproject web page.


Great idea! @NoelDeMartin and I were just talking about this.

I was having trouble with the solid.community option, but inrupt.net provider seems to work.


I tried to log in to a local pod of the community server, but it isn’t working. I’m not sure what’s going on but after clicking on “Log in with custom provider”, it doesn’t do anything else.

It seems like you’re using solid-auth-client, maybe that’s the problem because that client is considered legacy and doesn’t work with new servers.


solid.community does not exist any more, was closed down and migrated to https://solidcommunity.net/

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