SoLiD Learn and Build Workshop in Chinese Community | SoLiD 中文社区 工作坊


Following what I have written in the post Initiatives from SoLiD Chinese Community | SoLiD 中文社区倡议 yesterday, we did some survey about how much does everyone know about SoLiD, and below is a brief summary.

We received 21 valid responses from the WeChat group with around 450 members in 1 day.

  • Know about SoLiD but didn’t learn about how to build with SoLiD: 71.4%
  • Learnt about SoLiD developers docs in either English or Chinese, but didn’t build application or tools with SoLiD: 19.0%
  • Built some SoLiD apps, but didn’t release yet: 4.8%
  • Built some SoLiD apps, and delivered to market or shared to community: 4.8%

Considering the current status, my personal suggestion is to encourage everyone in the community to start the learn and build journey with SoLiD whenever they’re comfortable. To facilitate the process, I’d like to ask the assistance from community to kick off a Learn and Build Workshop.

Learn and Build Workshop

In my humble opinion, the workshop would have three stages, and in total last around 4 weeks, though actually depending on how it executes.

  1. BootCamp (1 Week): the workshop starts with 1 Week learning courses that every participant will receive the learning materials, and work together to build their first toy project with SoLiD. The participants can learn in team or individually based on their preference. Everyone would be encouraged to share their toy project to the community as an open source project. The process may cost 10~15 hours but really depends on how much the person or team know about software development or linked data.
  2. Ideathon (1 Week): the ideathon will focus on brainstorming and designing feasible ideas that could be built with SoLiD. We’ll encourage everyone to build or join teams, and discuss about the design frequently to come with some rough or detailed design. The overall process in this stage will also cost at least 10~15 hours for each participant.
  3. Hackathon (2 Weeks): with the ideas or design generated in the Ideathon stage, the teams could work together in a collaborative way in 2 weeks to build the MVP of their project and release to market and community to receive feedback and suggestions. They could continue the efforts if needed based on their plan as a open source or commercial project. The hackathon may cost 20 ~ 40 hours in total for each participant.

We Need Your Suggestions

Above are some very basic plan about how to improve the learning and building journey of SoLiD in the Chinese community.

For any suggestions about how to make the SoLiD community and ecosystem better, please feel free to comment. Thanks!

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