Imagining possible futures for Solid and Libraries

Hey everyone!
It’s been a while since I last engaged in conversations here. I have been silently following Solid’s unfolding. And meanwhile a post which I created several Solid stages ago :slight_smile: (Solid for non geek users) caught the attention of SLA Europe and they invited me to share my thoughts and perspectives on Solid as a non-techie user having tried it :slight_smile:
So, I will be speaking about what I know about Solid - general basic stuff. The more intriguing part is where I will be trying to imagine possible and plausible futures for Solid and libraries.
Any thoughts and comments are welcome if can think of something or already know of something.

By now, my metaphor :slight_smile: will be with my favourite scene from the movie Time Machine. And I will be imagining the hologram being fed with different data, one of them from the hero’s Solid pod.

See you around, I hope these months I will be getting back to joining the dialogues here!

4 Likes is a project sponsored by a library service center in Germany, the idea of which is to use SKOS vocabularies as information hubs where users can follow subjects through ActivityPub enabled services like Mastodon. A blog post here describes an example. For this they use a SkoHub-PubSub server that implements a subset of ActivityPub. I’m not that familiar with it, but it seems that if the server were a Solid server, it would probably offer more to publishers and subscribers in ways not really thought of yet.


Thank you for the links and the insight. I wasn’t aware of Skohub. Will dive into it in detail to see whether I can imagine something :slight_smile:

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