I need help for my thesis proof-of-concept

Hi everyone

My name is Thibo and I’m a student located in Belgium. I’m currently working on a proof-of-concept for my thesis and I’m a little bit stuck. I hope I can find some help here.

The idea of my application:
A user can login through a pod provider (I successfully implemented this). After the login, the user can select one of their contacts and compare their calendars with each other. He can find a free slot in the calendar of the contact and book a meeting in it.

My question:
Is this possible? If so, I would require some help with implementing the vocabularies for it.
If you think this is not possible, how could I still make a calendar comparing tool with Solid?

Kind regards

Hey Thibo

Did you already take a look at this thread? Advice on calendar API

I’m not familiar with the specifics, but I think it contains some useful information to get started (including vocabularies and apparently another solid app using calendars)! Also this thread may be interesting: Solid Calendar App

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Hi A_A

Thanks for your answer!

I have already looked at both threads and found some useful information in those.
My main problem is that I don’t know how to implement the vocabularies (turtle files or etc.) and how to link them to a user and his or her pod.

Kind regards