Advice on calendar API

Hello, everyone, I am looking for an advice on calendar API that I can embed in my application.
The main goal is to visualize some data that I have in a calendar format, ie I have a note with a creation date and thus I want it to be seen on a a calendar.
Thank you in advance

There’s plenty of javascript written for rendering calendars, as far as solid goes, you’d just have to use a vocab for describing your data as calendar events and linking them to your note datasets. (there’s also many different ways of rendering a calendar & those will vary depending on framework or lack thereof used)

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Knoodle is a Solid app that works with calendars:
That might provide some inspiration.


Check out ontologies
cal: ‘’,
icalTZ: ‘
and code in the old SWAP project which converted between ICAL and RDF.

Python2 program to convert RDF to iCalendar:

Definitely recommend using that direct mapping of iCal to RDF so that you can round trip between your Solid App and all the existing CalDav calendars out there. (Like we do with Vcard for contacts)

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